Making a Difference: Significant Others

In my last two blog posts I talked about the Humanities, and about what studying and working in this field has done for me personally. This has started me thinking …

When we achieve something in life, we can recognise that it came about through our own growth or striving–“I did it!”–and we gain some degree of satisfaction in ourselves and the job done. Well yes, but we humans are social creatures, and no matter whether we recognise or acknowledge it or not, at some point in our lives there was, or is, some other or others who either knowingly or unwittingly played a hand in our growth in some way.

Obviously, for each of us, our parents (or the people who raised us) and our peers and teachers played a significant hand in helping to shape us. And then there’s the genetics, and the bits one is born with, one of which is of course personality, and then there’s the tangled bundles of emotions and idiosyncrasies and inclinations and leanings and all those variables, all that stuff that provides a point of departure for discussion and the nature-nurture argument.

All that aside, sometimes in life you meet certain people, special others,  who have a significant impact on you.  These people are those who might inspire you in some way, or who might do or say something that strikes a chord within you. These are people you never forget–and it does not matter even if what they said or did was only a small action or a very few words because whatever it was connected, and has made a difference to your life. Sometimes what was said or done finds a quiet place inside you, in your heart and mind, and reaffirms your belief in people and in life and in yourself, and broadens and deepens your knowledge and understanding; sometimes what has been said or done gives rise to a thought that grows and expands into an idea that leads to something greater (“from little acorns big oak trees grow”); and sometimes what was said or done is like a lightning bolt that prompts an “AHA!” moment. Ultimately, the influence or modelling of these special others  can lead you to take certain paths in life, or change your way of thinking or add to it,  or expand possibilities for you, or encourage you in your aims, and your efforts, to achieve the goals you desire to reach.  Have you ever met someone like this? some other, who has encouraged you, or helped you to see the way forward, and has opened doors and opportunities for you, and that you have availed yourself of?

To be continued…





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