A Quick Look Back at Shaftesbury

Below: Shaftesbury Abbey. Due to the lack of time (we had to push on to get back to London in time for our booking), and because one does tend to get a bit “Castled and Abbeyed out” in England (you have to do a bit of picking and choosing or everything seems to run together), and because there were still a great many other things we wanted to see, we didn’t go into the Abbey. But we did stand outside, and take photos of the Abbey wall and the entrance. I felt the stones with my hands, and communed with the past in that way.

Below: The park on Shaftesbury hill. It was raining, on and off, and there weren’t many people around that day.  I’d like to point out that contrary to popular belief, it does not rain every day in England–very far from it, in fact. The views were stunning.



Below: We walked through the town, down alleys, and streets, and past the old Town Hall.



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