Another Year Older …

So here we are, back to this same-old same-old once again, another year older less one day, and twelve months after the post of 24 December 2014 …

With the Festive Season upon us Sam is a bit caught up: he’s not really listening, his ears seem to be on back-to-front, he has other things on his mind–like Christmas.  So there aren’t many words for Sam this week, and there won’t be any until some time in January when we will continue with “A Room With A View” …

Here at blog base, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year—and, oh yes, happy munching on your birdseed and grass and gum-leaf tips on both occasions; and if that doesn’t turn you on, perhaps  a big fish or a nicely stuffed turkey with mountains of vegetables, and a rich, fruity Christmas pudding with all the trimmings and a glass of something-of-your-choice like fruit juice or lemonade or something with a sting might do it, or maybe chuck a prawn or a banger on the barbie.

More Words for Sam in January 2016. So until then, take care

… and happy flying.

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